What is airPulse?

airPulse is the name of a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) that bit Computing is rolling out, starting with the South West United Kingdom. This pilot scheme is part of a larger ambition being pioneered by bit - that ambition being bringing true high-speed internet to both urban and rural areas of the UK. Currently in the planning stages, airPulse is going to be built upon a true gigabit fiber line dedicated to every area it covers.

Benefits of airPulse vs existing Broadband

As alluded to in the previous section, airPulse is a Wireless Internet Service Provider. This gives us the ability to set up multiple nodes to cover various towns and cities and consequently we aren't limited by the existing physical copper and fiber infrastructure. In very niche cases we can even survey a site for specific access points for those in very secluded areas outside of populated zones upon special request. All of this can be done whilst delivering "Superfast" and/or true-fiber internet over our infrastructure.